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List Building For Newbies Videos!
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Team Champigny's List Building For Newbies Videos


Build The Competitive Advantage You Need For Success In Today's Internet Marketing Battle - Your Own Huge Opt-In Mailing List!

By The Time You're Through Watching This Video Course, You'll See How You Can Catapult Your List Building To A New Level With These Insider Secrets..



From: Teri & Doug Champigny

Attention: Internet Marketing & List Building Newbies:

Are you...

Sick of hearing how great list building is, and you want to know how to get YOUR OWN OPT-IN LIST up and running?

Sick of reading so many list-building e-books that just confuse you even more?

Tired of hearing about what tools e-mail marketers use when you don't know how to use them yourself?

Suffering because you simply don't know how to build your opt-in list?

If you checked any of the above, then this will be one of
the most important letters you'll read....

You may have tried but given up along the way because e-books aren't really teaching you step by step what to do. Don't you just hate it when you try to follow along but it doesn't work? Finally you can get all the answers to the questions you have beem constantly asking about building opt-in lists...

What you need is an edge and this video course is going to do just that.

You've heard it once, twice, ten or so many times. 'The money is in the list...' OK, OK, that's easy to understand right? Maybe. But if you are a newbie and you don't know where to start, it's actually quite difficult finding out HOW to begin...

Maybe you've tried to learn list-building but almost given up hope - if only you could just watch over the shoulders over an expert e-mail marketer. Well now you can... AND you'll learn this expert's list building shortcuts as well!

As a smart marketer you need to always keep your prospects list expanding. In this video course, we will go over building those opt-in lists. Marketers that know how to use e-mail marketing successfully will continue to grow richer and you should be one of them! If you are not, then this cycle should be broken and you will break it.

If you're constantly running into roadblocks because you don't know...

Just where to start your List Building...

How to choose a topic for your e-zine or e-course...

How to create your list-building 'squeeze' page...

How to drive targeted traffic to that squeeze page...

Then you've just found the Simple Solution to your List Building obstacles!

Introducing the “List Building For Newbies” Videos...

The List Building For Newbies Video Series
* Graphic for Illustration only - The List Building For Newbies Video Package is a Digital Download.

Finally, you can start that journey to list building success... Not tomorrow, not 'somewhere down the line', but RIGHT NOW! So what do the List Building For Newbies videos actually cover? How can they help YOU get started and succeed?

Here is what you'll learn from the six List Building For Newbies Videos:

Video 1 - Choosing What Topic You'll Focus On...

Don't know what topic you should write about? You'll learn some techniques that you can use to brainstorm and find the best topic to target your list around. Your list topic is very important and you want to make sure it's something you can knowledgeably speak about, that you enjoy writing on, and that it is indeed a PROFITABLE list topic.


Video 2 - Introducing The Tools You'll Need...

There are several tools you will need to use to create your landing pages, build your opt-in list, and run your list. In this section, you'll learn exactly which tools you can use that any newbie can master quickly. And this time you aren't going to be left in the dark about how to use these tools - you'll learn how to do that step-by-step in the following videos. The tools we demonstrate in these videos don't require a huge learning curve and that's why we chose these specific tools!


Video 3 - Creating Your First Squeeze Page...

Creating the content of a landing page does not require a special tool, but with the simple method you're about to discover you will quickly and easily begin to build opt-in list-building squeeze pages as if you'd been building them for years. Remember... it's already in you, you just need someone to take you by the hand and show you how to do it!


Video 4 - Setting Up Your Autoresponder and Web Forms...

You'll learn how to use an autoresponder and mailing list service that allows you to automate most of your on-going list building efforts. You can tell the system what days you want to send an e-mail and at what time; and it'll do the rest. In this video you'll learn how to create a list, how to create a follow-up series that will build a relationship with your opt-in subscribers, and how to create a web form for your web pages so people can opt in to your e-zine or e-course.


Video 5 - Putting It All Together...

By this point you'll know how to create the content for your landing pages and you'll have the web form code in hand from your autoresponder. Now we'll show you how to use a web editing tool to put everything together. Without the slightest knowledge of HTML, you'll be shown how to use this simple but powerful editing tool to put it all together into professional-looking landing pages...


Video 6 - Building Your PROFITABLE Opt-In List...

At this point you've got everything ready and can start to BUILD your subscriber list. You want to build a list that focuses on quality, not quantity, to be sure your e-mail marketing efforts will be profitable! You'll be shown how to increase targeted conversions, shown marketing methods that are low-cost yet powerful enough to start increasing your targeted subscribers' opt-in rate, and have you up and running successfully from that point on!


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To Your List Building Success...

Teri & Doug Champigny

P.S. - These videos are named List Building For Newbies because they're simple enough for an Internet marketing newbie to follow along with, but make no mistake - you won't qualify as a newbie much longer after watching these videos!

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